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Posted on : November 2, 2012

411 Pain – November is Fall Car Care Month

411 Pain wants to remind you that November is Fall Car Care Month!

Driving safety not only involves being alert and cautious on the road, but also involves taking steps to make sure your vehicle is in prime condition at all times. There’s no better time than now to make sure your car is ready to help keep you safe this fall and beyond.
Here is a list of some basic car maintenance that 411 Pain recommends for everyone:

  • Replace windshield wiper blades.
  • Whether you take your car to your local mechanic, your car dealer or decide to do it yourself and save money (make sure the blades are the right ones for your car!), this is an inexpensive yet very important part of car maintenance.
  • In rain, fog, snow or extreme humidity, good wipers are essential for optimum visibility.
  • Also don’t forget to check/top off your wiper fluid as well! If you live in a colder climate, be sure to use wiper fluid for cold weather.
  • And be sure to check/top off your anti freeze and brake fluid.
  • Check tire pressure. For every 10 degree drop in temperature, you lose one PSI (pound per square inch) in tire pressure. You can use the air pump at the gas station to check, or buy a small tire pump to keep in your car. Also, make sure your spare tire is properly inflated!
  • Change your air filter. This should be done twice a year. Making sure your air filter is clean will maximize your car’s fuel economy and performance.
  • Check your battery. It’s easy to take your battery for granted because it usually lasts for about 5 years, but you don’t want to be stuck out on the road in the cold because you forgot when you last replaced it! Make sure the connectors are not corroded or loose.
  • Check your lights. If you do most of your driving during the day, you may not notice that one of your headlights is out until you’re driving at night and it’s too late!
  • And of course don’t forget your oil change! 
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411 PAIN wants you to be safe on the road this fall!
So please – buckle up, don’t drink and drive, don’t text and drive and remember to give your car a check up! 411 Pain

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