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Beauty Tip: What You Can Do With Some Expire Foods

Posted on : May 15, 2018

beauty-tip-what-you-can-do-with-some-expire-foods_path_webWe know that the grocery stores can be like a second home.

Statistics show that a person visits the grocery store at least twice a week – leaving food retailers with billions of dollars each year. Usually, people go to the store because they are hungry and low on food. Shopping while you’re hungry makes you more in-tune with your stomach. Instead of filling up your belly, you’re just filling up your cart. And if you’re trying to be healthy – most of the foods would be produce or sometimes dairy. Unfortunately, most foods that are thrown out are produce and dairy. Why? It might be because people tend to forget they have these foods or crave something else. How many of produce and dairy have you thrown away? Well, what happens if we tell you that some of these foods have an alternative purpose? It’s not to fill your stomach, but to make your skin and hair glow.

We know you may feel weird about it. So here are a few foods you can be a little resourceful with to save you some money before you hit the store again.

Bruised fruits: These fruits are known to be a big no-no. Usually, when a  is bruised it means that there is a bit of cell damage. This is known to be more susceptible to infection. However, bruised berries can help keep your face hydrated. The acid and enzymes they carry can help get rid of the dead skin and blocked pores — leaving you to feel refreshed.

Chocolates: Chocolates are known to last long – maybe even a few years. But if you’ve been hiding chocolates and you have a feeling that they are expired you can bathe in chocolate. Literally. Cocoa has a plant-based substance called, flavonols. Flavonols are antioxidants that can protect the skin from UV rays, and improve hydration and thickness of the skin.

Avocados: Too ripped avocados don’t have to go to waste! They make a perfect face mask, but also a great hair conditioner. Avocado oil has amino acids and protein that helps soothe your scalp and moisturizes your hair.

Therefore, before you trash it — think about the possibilities it can benefit your body.

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