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3 Chiropractic Treatment Options

Posted on : January 23, 2017

When most people think of chiropractic care, the image that pops into their head is that of a practitioner exerting pressure on the patient’s back, a practice known as spinal manipulation. As chiropractic care grows, however, there has been an influx of different treatment options to aid patients relieve their various types of pain and discomfort. Here are three different chiropractic treatments you may not know about but could save you tons of grief:

     1 Ergonomic Training

For many patients who deal with back pain, the main culprit isn’t a car accident or sudden trauma but rather years of sitting at their desks at work in uncomfortable and harmful positions. Ergonomic training is a viable option when looking for solutions to chronic pain. By teaching patients about the proper ways to sit, use equipment and proper lifting techniques, practitioners provide them the means to make the adjustments in their daily lives that can help solve their problems. Further, ergonomic training also teaches patients to spot the early symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) before they become debilitating and crippling.

     2. Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is often defined as the skilled passive movement of joints and tissues. In practice, it often looks like a chiropractor figuring out how far a patient can bend his/her knee with the goal of normalizing joint mobility. In other words, if a patient can bend their knee adequately then the therapist will instruct the patient to perform specific exercises aimed at stretching the surrounding muscles, ligaments and joints after using specific hand placements and force to restore movement.

     3. Ultrasound Therapy

Heat has often been seen as a way to provide relief to pain and relax muscles. With that in mind, ultrasound therapy is a treatment option aimed at reducing muscle pain and dysfunction in the muscles by using sound waves to bring deep heat to the tissues causing problems. This treatment option often reduces any stiffness the patient is feeling as well as swelling and pain.

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