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3 effects because of Poor Posture

Posted on : January 25, 2017

Posture is the expression of how our body is aligned and balanced. Good posture provides our body with the best position to perform tasks such as standing and sitting, to dynamic motions such as walking, running, and bending. Good posture aligns our joints and muscles into a position that loads our body weight onto our joint surfaces evenly, and lets our muscles perform at their best.

Poor posture leads to muscle and other soft tissue fatigue, and it can lead to tissue strain. When you experience pain in your back or neck muscles or any other part of the body, you tend to overcome the pain by holding your body in a different position. When this posture is continued for a long time, it can become a daily habit.
Poor posture is responsible for a number of ailments that can seriously affect your health and happiness.

Here are 3 effects to poor posture:

Poor Body Language:

Your overall appearance and how others view you. We all know that first impressions do count, and your posture says a lot about your personality. A confident person will undoubtedly adopt good posture, holding their head up, and standing tall with an open chest. Slumped posture indicates poor body language and this can negatively affect a variety of things. A perspective of an individual can be the lacks of confidence, laziness, lack of motivation, arrogance, and even the lack of personal care. This can negatively affect an individual’s chances of getting a new job or in your personal life. If you don’t hold yourself well, others will make assessments on you based on your posture.

Back and Neck Pain
Common causes of back and neck pain is poor posture whether it’s sitting or standing. Working from an office desk in a sedentary environment and adapting poor posture is often the reason of upper and lower back pain. Postures that can cause back and neck problems include cradling the phone in one ear, sitting lopsided, sitting cross legged, hunching forward and many other incorrect postures.

One of the most frequent causes of neck pain is extending the head and shoulders too far forwards. The head is heavy and its weight in a forward position and with time irritate the small facet joints in the neck. In some cases this can lead to more serious problems in later life such as degenerative disc disease. This position is usually accompanied by a rounded upper back and forward reaching shoulder, causing shoulder pain as well as further aggravating the neck problem.

Internal Organs and Breathing
It should come as no surprise that poor posture constricts internal organs that can cause an array of different issues. Several digestive problems have been attributed to slouched posture that includes constipation, acid reflux, and even hernias. In some cases this is caused by undue compression of the internal organs and of the abdomen, whereas correct posture permits these organs to maintain their natural position.

When the upper body is rounded or in a slouched position, the rib cage and diaphragm muscles are unable to expand properly. The exchange of oxygen between the lungs and the blood is constricted, meaning the body is required to work harder and more effort is needed to breathe and speak. This can result in feelings of fatigue.

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