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3 Pet Friendly Vehicles

Posted on : September 11, 2018

Pet owners know the struggle! The type of car you have matters when you have a furry friend chilling in the back seat! Compact cars are fine when your dog is just a pup, but as they grow you know that you will need a little more space to keep them comfortable, safe and happy. However, space is not the only factor you should consider. Some pets shed A LOT and if there are any incidents you want to make sure the material the car carries fits perfectly with your pets’ needs. Here a few cars you should consider to keep you and your loving pet happy and safe when you’re on the road.

  1. Subaru Outback: This car is spacious enough to keep your pet comfortable and has enough cargo room for your personal items as well. The car was designed to be low so it’s easy for your pet to go in and out with no stress. It has advanced assistance features and a reverse automatic braking system (this is helpful). To make you feel secure about this pick, the Outback won a Top Safety Pick award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. That is a high rating if you ask us!
  2. Honda CR-V: If you want something long-lasting and perfect for your growing new pup, pick a Honda CR-V. Not only do Hondas last long, but it has a roomy cabin and comfortable seats for your leisure. Your pets would love the cargo area and low flooring. It’s leather seats are pet-friendly, and it comes with assisting features that will help you keep safe as well as your pet happy.
  3. Toyota 4Runner: After a day at the park, your dog might smell a little muddy and the dirt will scatter around the car floor. Fear not! This 4Runner has a power-operated window in it’s rear gate. This will help keep the odor out of your car. The material it was built with can go years with activity. Plus, it has a lot of cargo room for you and your friendly pet. The downside is that this car maybe too high for your furry friend. So if you don’t want to pick up the pup, opt for a ramp.

There are many other cars that are great for pets. One of them will be perfect for you and your “man’s best friend.” After you make a decision, you can figure out the rest of the needed accessories every dog owner needs for dog safety on the road.

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