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3 Safety Gears for Cyclist

Posted on : September 6, 2018

Wake us up when September ends!

Floridians, it’s that time where sunshine is a myth and rainy days are the norm. Even when you think it would be a sunny day, it turns into a storm in seconds. This is a headache for motorcyclist and bikers. Is it a day to pull out the cycle or put it aside to drive? Some days you will never know, but if the weather takes a toll on your ride you will need certain equipment to keep you safe. Other than a helmet, what do you need? Here are a few helpful hints to think about to keep you noticeable on the road and help prevent an accident.

  1. Lights: Bike lights are a key component to prevent an accident – especially when it rains outside. It’s already difficult to see a car, even more so of a cyclist? Studies show that a biker is 20 percent less likely to get into an accident when a bike light is used on their route. Yes, these lights are mostly used during the night – however, lights also help out with visibility during low-lighting. Therefore no matter what time you decide to ride, you will be visible to those you’re sharing the road with.
  2. Biker’s First Aid Kit: There are first aid kits catered to the cyclist. There will always be two types of bikers, those who have experienced a crash and those who have yet too. After biking for a while, the route you take will feel comfortable. That’s when you might get into an accident. Even if the injury is small, take in consideration to carry around a first aid kit just in case you have an unfortunate incident this rainy weather. If you’re too far from your home, you would want to take care of that road rash before it becomes infected.
  3. Waterproof Reflective Wheel Stripes: Headlights and taillights are visible to neighboring commuters from the front and the back but can be easily missed during inclement weather. Instead of purchasing new wheels for the rain, you can bounce on a budget with wheel stripes. Wheel stripes made for cyclist were created with similar material that is used on road signs. This helps your bike be seen from all angles while you’re commuting on your route. Most of these are sold with neon colors, which helps to be visible in inclement weather.

There is other equipment that can boost your safety as a biker and other gears to keep you dry on the road. With more research you will find more answers to become a professional in bike safety and know what to use or keep while you’re on your bike.

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