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4 Tips to Help You Sleep if You Suffer from Pain

Posted on : February 7, 2017

Practice Great “Sleep Hygiene”

When pain in your joints and muscles keeps you tossing and turning at night, it can be highly beneficial to practice what many call great “sleep hygiene.” The term refers to any number of habits that help you sleep peacefully and in a regular rhythm. Some tips include avoiding TV and your phone as you get ready for bed as they can work against you in your attempt at good rest. Other tips include setting specific times to go to bed and wake up, allowing your body to get used to the length of time you’ll be sleeping every night.

Avoid Nicotine and Alcohol

Smoking cigarettes has its own drawbacks but for those looking to get to bed, they provide certain challenges including urges to get out of bed to smoke. There is also evidence that smoking cigarettes also causes smokers to wake up earlier than intended and have more trouble getting to bed at night. Alcohol is also often used to get to bed but can often work against that goal. While it may help you get to bed, it is known to cause people to wake up often during the night, interrupting the sleep cycle.

Avoid Naps

While naps are often a great idea, for someone struggling to sleep through the night, they can be harmful. Napping during the day can ruin your natural rhythm, forcing you to stay up later in the night than wanted.

Work Out — Just Not Late

Physical exercise can be a great relief for people experiencing physical pain — and can help them get to bed earlier — but just be sure to exercise earlier in the day. Exercise raises your energy levels and, as such, can work against your goal of getting good rest if you work out too late at night. Give yourself a four to six hour gap between the gym and bed.

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