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4 Types of Swimming Pool Accidents

Posted on : June 1, 2017

Now that summer is almost here you will find many people spending time in the pool. Though pools are a great place to cool down, they are also a common place for accidents to occur. Here are four common swimming pool accidents to remember next time your at the pool.

Rough Play

Horsing around at the pool may seem to be fun till someone gets hurt. There are several games that kids and adults enjoying playing in the pool. Though these games are fun, they can be extremely dangerous. Examples of rough play include jumping on top of others in the pool, wrestling, and fighting. Rough play usually results in injury to the neck, head, back, legs, or arms.

Slip or Fall

This accident occurs the most because of the amount of water that splashes onto the concrete. All it takes is for someone to run or walk on a slippery spot that causes them to lose their balance. Slip and fall injuries can be very serious depending on how you land. Make sure to avoid running while near the pool and walk carefully.


With the summer heat, comes summer thunderstorms. If you are in the water and dark clouds start to approach, it is best to get out immediately. Electrocution can happen at any time when there are dark clouds around. Even when you don’t hear any thunder, lighting can strike.

Before you find yourself in a shocking situation make sure to get out of the pool. Once you are out of the water, dry off and head indoors till all the clouds pass. Lighting can be very deadly, especially when you are in the water. 


Accidents that involve drowning can happen to any swimmer. It is best for new swimmers to stay out of the pool unless they are being supervised by an adult. A few incidents where downing can occur include rough play in the water, becoming unconscious while in the pool, or injuries that prevent you from being able to swim. If there is no life guard present it is extremely important to swim carefully and keep an eye on everyone who is in the pool.

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