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411 Pain Blog: Road Trips and Rest Stops

Posted on : February 21, 2013

Road Trips and Rest Stops

Road trips are a great way to travel. They allow you to move at your own pace
and offer the opportunity to see parts of the country, airplanes fly over and trains
speed past.  The key to making the most of this slice of Americana is maintaining
comfort by getting enough rest.

Rest Stop Safety

411 Pain recommends all who will be driving on the road trip get plenty of sleep
the night before the journey.  Being alert and well rested is the safest way to hit the road.
When you need a break or a chance to stretch your legs, rest areas may be
the way to go.  But it is best to visit them in broad daylight and when you have an
adult traveling companion.   While the rest areas can be a valuable oasis to weary drivers,
they have also become a place for criminals to find easy targets . Motorists have been robbed, raped,
carjacked, and even killed while simply trying to get a cat nap or a break at highway
rest stops.  411 pain advises drivers to consider logging on to the Interstate Travel Guide.
It is a directory of  rest stops across the country that offer security and other services like gas and food.

Car Comforts

Another option for a brief break from the road, can be the parking lots of 24 hour businesses.
411 Pain has this word of warning, before pulling into that parking spot, look for signs which prohibit
trespassing or loitering. Failure to do so and that quick 15 minute nap in the front seat could lead to a fine as
high as the price of a night at a hotel.  It can’t hurt to go into the business and ask to speak to
the manager to get permission to park in the lot.   Also if you chose to sleep in your car, be very, very
careful.  Be aware of your surroundings; cover your windows with sheets or tarps so passers by can’t see you sleeping; the key is to draw as little attention to yourself so as not to become a crime victim.
Make sure you have things to make your car stay comfortable.  Books and magazines are a good
choice.  Music not so much, it may prove distracting and if too loud, will alert others to your presence.

For a Few Dollars More

If your road trip budget can be stretched at bit more, the safest option is always to spend the night
in a hotel. There are plenty of affordable options listed on both travel websites and smartphone
apps.  Also, if traveling with small children, consider a campground. It can add an adventurous aspect
to your road trip. Most are clean, secure and offer lodging choices ranging from tents to cottages so there’s
something for every comfort level.

Remember the Sleep Bank

So when you are saving up for that road trip, short or long, include time and money for rest in the budget.
No one knows better than you how much sleep you need a night or how comfortable you need to be to get
good rest.  411 Pain reminds us,  no one wants to risk their life riding with a drowsy driver. And nothing puts the brakes on fun faster on a road trip than an irascible captain of the ship.

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