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411 PAIN – Safe Driving Near Motorcycles

Posted on : November 20, 2012

411 PAIN – Safe Driving Near Motorcycles

Motorcycles have the same right to use public roads as any other vehicle. Thus it is necessary to use the same safety measures with them as you would with any other vehicle. Some safety tips when driving near a motorcycle include:

· Leave a little extra following distance when driving behind a motorcycle, as they can brake quicker than a car.

· Do not brake suddenly when a motorcycle is behind you. A rear end collision can be deadly when between a motorcycle and a car.

· Pay extra attention to motorcyclists nearby and use caution when changing lanes. Always use your mirrors and check your blind spots carefully. Motorcycles are smaller and harder to notice.

. Anticipate a motorcyclist’s maneuver: Obstructions that are trivial to a car may be deadly for a motorcyclist.

. Look for motorcycles at intersections, when they may be making a left turn, and also on the highway when they may be changing lanes. Use your signals to let them know your intentions.

411 Pain

411 PAIN, the leader in road safety awareness, reminds you that paying close attention to the road and always looking twice can prevent being involved in an accident with a motorcycle.

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