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411 Pain – The Truth About Clubbing And Driving

Posted on : March 12, 2013

411 Pain – The Truth About Clubbing And Driving

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is not only illegal – it can be deadly!
So what to do?  
411 Pain offers the following tips for enjoying yourself while staying safe:

WALK If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where you can walk to the clubs, then you’re set to go! (As long as you don’t drink so much that you can’t even walk home…)

CAB When club hopping, take a cab in between. It’s actually cheaper than paying for parking – especially in places like SOBE! (South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida) If you choose to stay at one club, take a cab home. Split the cost with your friends and everyone gets home safe.

DESIGNATED DRIVER Not everyone drinks, and not everyone who drinks does so all the time. Maybe one of your friends has something to do the next day and doesn’t want to be hungover. See if you can find someone who will not be drinking (at all – not even a sip!) and let them be the chauffeur.

STAY AT A MOTEL Again, this can be cheaper than parking, especially when splitting the cost amongst friends. When you’re done with the club, take the party back to the motel!

STAY AT A FRIEND’S Maybe you live far from the clubs, but one of your friends lives in walking distance. Tell your friend you’ll buy the drinks if you can stay over at their house after the club. There are many ways to party WITHOUT getting in a car after you’ve been drinking.

411 Pain

And there are many places to party.
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411-Pain, the leader in road safety awareness reminds you to PLEASE: NEVER drink and drive, NEVER text and drive and ALWAYS wear your seat belt.

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