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411 Pain – Your Worst Nightmare: Road Fatigue

Posted on : May 28, 2013

411 Pain – Your Worst Nightmare: Road Fatigue

There are many ways to avoid falling asleep while driving. Sirens and car noises help you stay awake but on quiet days when roads are so peaceful it’s hard to stay alert. The nightmare starts when you wake up. Your car is upside down and your body is in pain. Call 1-800-411-PAIN when involved in a car crash in the state of Georgia.

Road fatigue is a common cause of death in America. One out of five road deaths are caused by drowsy driving. Keep your body and mind alert while driving. Move your arms and legs around to increase circulation. Pull over and take a quick break. Remember it is better taking a break than losing your life.  Readjust yourself in the seat and sing while listening to music. If none of these things work out for you, try taking a nap. Maybe you are not getting enough sleep and your body needs a break.

Other ways to stay awake are keeping a cool temperature in your vehicle, chewing gum, listening to radio jokes, and eating healthy. Although some of these things are not the best solution, it wouldn’t hurt trying them. The last on the list it’s coffee. I wouldn’t advice drinking lots of it though. Caffeine is the common cause of insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, upset stomach, and a hundred other things. 

Don’t start a long haul on little or no sleep. It’s difficult keeping your car within a lane when you are sleep. If you start drifting off the road take a break. Avoid alcohol and reduce speed. The faster you drive the hardest to react to unexpected situations. If you need to fight a traffic ticket and live in Blue Ridge Mountains, Marietta, Roswell , Atlanta, Macon, Columbus, Albany, Savannah, Brunswick or any other Georgian city call 411-PAIN.

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