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5 Foods Not To Eat While Driving

Posted on : February 10, 2017

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that drivers who eat and drive increase the odds of an accident by 80%. They continue to say that distracted drivers fussing with food and drinks cause 65% of near miss accidents. Also what is staggering is a study of 1,000 drivers done by ExxonMobil found that over 70% of drivers admits to eating while driving. Eating while driving is the worst form of distracted driving for all drivers!

Those are some pretty staggering and eye opening statistics! As a matter of fact, those stats are worse than texting while driving numbers! Just as a precautionary warning, eating while driving is illegal in some places so be sure to look up for state laws.

Here are the 5 most dangerous foods while driving:

1. Hamburgers
Don’t let a burger from the dollar menu turn into a $2,500 problem; a burger isn’t even worth it. This is one of the most frequent foods that many people believe is safe to eat while driving. It has been normalized within’ our society that “fast food” brands have even made it easier to eat and drive, but it is simply not true.

2. Chili
Anything containing chili is obviously dangerous and distracting. Chili is fantastic on a lot of things, but not on your clothes, steering wheel, cup holder, or anywhere else in your vehicle.

3. Any Barbecued Food
Who doesn’t like BBQ sauce! But remember, if it can drip, then it will find a way to interrupt you while you’re driving. People try all types of tricks to eat and drive; keep baby wipes close by napkins on their lap, or have an entire roll of paper towels ready to go. Understand the temptation of BBQ, can wait when you get home.

4. Tacos
It might be easy to make a taco, but it’s hard to not make a mess at your own dinner table. Driving and eating a taco safely sounds impossible and dangerous. Tacos may be a satisfying meal but very dangerous driving late night attempting to be more focused on not spilling any lettuce or meat instead of driving.

5. Jelly And Cream Filled Or Powdered Donuts
You would hate if jelly oozes out of your donut you bought on your way to work and drips all over your nice pants. One of the top foods that keep drivers distracted is a jelly, cream, or powered donut. Anything that has the potential to be messy is dangerous in the car. Many types of donuts can cause a messy situation, and your car is not safe from any colorful donut.

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