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Car Accidents with Ride-Sharing Services

Posted on : November 13, 2017

Auto accidents are one of the most common areas that personal injury attorneys work through. In recent years, Americans and people all over the world have witnessed the rapid growth of ride-sharing services, specifically Uber and Lyft. For the first time ever, people have the ability to digitally request a ride through their cellphones, previewing prices, driver ratings, and tracking routes, typically for lower prices than taxi rides. As ride-sharing services become more widespread than ever before, personal injury attorneys work with car accidents involving ride-sharing services. Because ride-sharing is a new, convenient, and unregulated process, the ride-sharing driver’s insurance company may be unwilling to pay for damages. Causes of ride-sharing accidents are similar to auto accidents, including failure to follow road rules, speeding, inadequate following distance, and inexperienced drivers. If you wish to use a ride-sharing service, it is important to be informed about associated risks. Due to the relatively novel nature of ride-sharing services, the following concepts aim to shed some light if you become involved in a car accident, while using a ride-sharing service.


Some ride-sharing companies may be underinsured, as Uber has recently been criticized for this. Although it seems that the ride-sharing company should be held liable for damages after an accident, there is no guarantee that the company will provide you with the full compensation you deserve. Adequate compensation should cover medical expenses and other additional costs, including loss of income. When using a ride-sharing service, unlike taxi companies that are fully insured, ride-sharing services hire drivers on what is much like an independent contractor basis. Drivers provide their own cars, with their own personal auto insurance, lightening the blow for ride-sharing company liability overall.


If you become involved in an accident while using a ride -sharing service, you will be asking how the company can get away with failing to cover your injury. Unfortunately, there are several loopholes that exist, enabling ride-sharing companies to get away with not paying. Firstly, the drivers’ personal auto insurance may not cover ride-sharing services, meaning the insurance policy does not cover accidents when the policy holder was “driving for profit.” Secondly, passengers may be expected to cover accident costs with their own insurance, if the driver’s auto insurance does not cover injuries from a ride-sharing accident. Thirdly, ride-sharing company may not compensate you under “additional coverage”, which does not include passenger medical bills or uniunsured motorcyclists.


When using a ride-sharing service, it is important to remember that is is the company’s duty to take care of you during the duration of the ride. If you do not feel safe while using a ride-sharing service, pick a closer destination to exit the vehicle of a dangerous driver. If you become injured while using a ride-sharing service, immediately seek medical attention. The next step is to hire a personal injury attorney, especially one that has experience in this area of law, as ride-sharing services are new and unregulated.


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