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Car Accidents In A Recalled Vehicle

Posted on : August 25, 2020

Over 13 million cars were recalled before the first half of 2020 came around. That’s a scary thought. Today’s cars are incredibly complex, with about 30,000 parts, making vehicle recalls a very common occurrence. Car accidents that involve a safety recall can sometimes entitle the driver to hold the manufacturer or other party involved liable for any injuries.

What is a recall? 

A recall occurs when the car manufacturer realizes that a part or product is not safe to use. When this happens, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to inform the public and announce a recall to all vehicle owners. Most common recalls that result in injuries are:

  • Airbags fail to deploy or deploy when they should not be
  • Seatbelts unbuckle or break during an accident 
  • Vehicle fires caused by electrical defects 
  • Brake failure 
  • Tire failure 

Who is responsible? 

If a defective part of a vehicle contributed to the accident, you might have multiple legal claims. If the manufacturer of the defective vehicle failed to identify a problem with any of the car parts, notify vehicle owners of the defect, or fail to provide adequate safety information, then the company may owe you compensation for your injuries. 

A safety recall can also aid in a personal injury claim if the owner of the recalled vehicle that hit you failed to address the safety concerns. To identify who is financially responsible, your attorney will investigate: 

  • When the owner was informed of the recall
  • Whether the owner was provided sufficient information on the vehicle’s dangers
  • If the owner tried to comply with the recall.

Advice to recover damages due to recall

When dealing with a car accident due to a vehicle defect, it is important that you preserve any evidence that can support your claim. Take pictures and video of the car and the accident scene. Do not get the car repaired until you have hired an attorney. Although many drivers can resolve car accidents without legal help, a recall complicates matters. 

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