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Common Causes of Electric Motor Damages

Posted on : June 26, 2018

What are the benefits to an electric motor? First off, its cost is much lower than the traditional engine. It has the same power rating and a longer lifespan (at least that’s what sources say).  Since it has a longer lifespan it doesn’t need major repairs. They require minimal maintenance, which is great to the rigorous driver.

Though an electric motor has many other benefits with its long lifespan, it does have its failures. Therefore, if you think that your motor needs a check-up to get an insight on what’s the problem. Don’t know what’s wrong with your motor? Here are a few motor failures to keep in mind when you decide to receive maintenance.

Low Resistance: If your motor has low insulation resistance, then you’re in a tough spot. Even though this is the most known motor failure, it’s also the most difficult to fix. Once the resistance starts to decay so does the insulation. This will lead to a car breakdown. There are safeguard equipment that alleviates these actions.

Over-current: this is a type of electrical overload. In some cases, devices may draw more current than the usual capacity and go overboard. In result, it can break your motor. Extra parts can be installed to prevent this from happening. These parts will help shut down the extra amount of flow in the circuit.

Dirt: Is it hard to believe that dirt can be the cause of a broken down motor? No. It is one of the major sources of a damaged motor. If dirt gets into your motor it can block the cooling fan that can cause overheating – which is also a source of damage. You wouldn’t want two problems with the motor! Make sure to check under the hood when you decide to clean your car.

These are only a few causes that can cause a break down in your car. Therefore, even though electric motors last long, it comes down on how well you take care of your car. Keep in mind the safety hazards that can be avoided by acknowledging what your car is saying back to you. And figuring out the common cases the car my face.

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