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Common In-House Accidents During The Holidays

Posted on : November 29, 2018

During the holiday season, the environment might feel like a bliss. Many people are in a “giving” mood and you would think this time of year – everyone is happy. And everything is at peace. WRONG. Unfortunately, this is reality and not a Christmas movie. It’s not hard to believe that this time of the year brings in the most accidents. People are speeding more, the drinking limit is at its peak and you have no idea how long the lines are at your favorite shopping mall. Regardless, home is where you can relax, right? If you follow safety measures – yes! Since many people are active during this season – there are a lot more accidents. What type of household accidents do we get during the holidays? Here are a few.

  1. Electric shock: This would be the number one accident to list. People love looking at houses that lighten up from the bottom to top! However, the decorators have to be extra careful. This is very common – whether it’s indoor or outdoor- about 5000 people get shocked by careless decorating.
  2. Injuries from the Christmas Trees: We know that people love decorating their Christmas Trees. It’s a tradition! However, if one is not careful it can also give you an electric shock – or the tree comes tumbling down. Funny to think, but it’s common. Make sure before you put up the lights to check all the light bulbs and if your tree is too tall to use a ladder. No one wants to get injured by a tree representing joy.
  3. Lights and Fires: We know you keep an eye on indoor fires during cooking sessions and indoor decorations – however, keep an eye on your outdoor lights! If they are not properly set up, they can start a fire. You want your house to look lit, but not that lit this holiday season!
  4. Carrying heavy equipment or baggage: Pulling out the holiday boxes may or may not be a hassle for some, but they do mess up with your back. If you plan on traveling or know you’ll be working with heavy equipment always remember to use your knees and not your back. Many people tend to strain their back and cause themselves a victim of personal injury.

There are other holiday instances you may have to look out for. As of now, here a few listed. Take care of yourself this holiday season – so your days will be merry and bright!

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