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Cyclist Dies From Hit and Run Related Injuries

Posted on : March 15, 2014

Cyclist Dies From Hit and Run Related Injuries

At the end of 2013, 53 year old Craig Camlin was biking through Fort Lauderdale, Florida to work in the morning when he was suddenly hit by a car, ejected onto the windshield, rolled over the roof and landed on the vehicles back window. The driver ended up driving the victim to his house and dumping his body behind a garbage bin. The victim was later found by lawn workers and taken to the hospital where it was reported that he was paralyzed. More recently it was reported that Craig Camlin’s injuries lead to his death.

This fatal accident is proof that not all cars are aware of the danger they could pose to bicyclists. Road bikes and cars share the road and it’s important to be fully aware of what’s around in order to avoid accidents like this one.

It’s important to realize that cars weigh about 2 tons and a bicycle weighs somewhere around 20 punds. The drastic difference in weight makes cyclists infinitely more vulnerable to fatalities when on the road. A bike will never win against a car. Intersections are especially dangerous and vehicle drivers should, when possible, give bicyclists the right of way or make sure you have your signal on so the cyclist anticipates your move. Giving cyclists 3 feet of clearance also helps both drivers and cyclists when sharing the road. Giving cyclists this space gives both drivers and cyclist’s the necessary room to decide whether to stop, go or slow down. One huge factor that deteriorates driver’s abilities to pay full attention to the road around them is cell phones. Cell phone use leads to inattentive, reckless driving and needs to be stopped.

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