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DJ Laz & the Tragic Cinco de Mayo Boat Accident in Miami

Posted on : May 19, 2014

Lazaro Mendez (DJ Laz) is a rapper and DJ from Miami, Florida. He hosted the DJ Laz Morning Show on Power 96 (96.5 FM) until 2012 when he began hosting the DJ Laz Morning Show on 106.7 FM. In early May, DJ Laz was celebrating Cinco de Mayo on the Key Biscayne sand bar in Miami when a fun day in the sun resulted in a fatal accident. At around 7 p.m. that night, a fishing boat got stuck in the sandbar he and his friends were partying nearby. Instead of waiting until high tide to move the boat, a group of people decided to move the boat by pushing it while DJ Laz steered the boat. 

While the group worked on pushing the boat, Ernesto Hernandez (a man on a nearby boat) ended up jumping in the water to help out. Hernandez was behind the boat and his torso ended up getting caught on the boats propeller which was moving at the time. Hernandez was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital and pronounced dead soon after. The investigation is still pending, but in Florida the law states that boaters are allowed to drink as long as it’s not the person who’s operating the boat. It’s unclear whether or not DJ Laz was steering the boat while under the influence but if he did he could be looking at criminal reckless or negligence charges. 
Boating safety needs to be priority #1 when one goes out for a day in the water. According to the U.S Coast Guard, there are an average of 50 deaths a year in Florida as a result of boating accidents. It’s important to make sure that the person operating the boat is not under the influence –just like in any other transportation vessel.

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