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Do You Have Your Tires in Check?

Posted on : March 9, 2018

Do you know how to prevent yourself from a car accident? One thing to help you deter from having an accident of your own is focusing on what’s under the car’s nose.

When was the last time you had your tires checked? According to the N.H.T.S.A. about 400 fatalities may have been from tire failures. Many people tend to forget to check their tire pressure. If your tire pressure is too low it can wear out prematurely and may have a chance at overheating—which is a big NO! If your tires overheat it may lead to a tread separation, which may cause a car accident.

Before you can check your tire pressure, it’s good to know the PSI (pounds per square inch). It’s a measurement that gives you the proper pressure for your vehicle. It can be found in the car’s manual.

Here are steps on how to make sure you have enough tire pressure:

Have a tire pressure gauge: Find a digital or stick-type gauge to help you measure the pressure of your tires. You can also use the air compressors in most gas stations.

Check when your tires are cold: You’ll get a more accurate reading from cold tires—which is considered after parked for at least 3 hours or when the car has not driven for more than a mile

Write down the PSI: Your PSI might be different in your front and rear tires. So have them handy as you check your tire pressure.

Check pressure with your gauge: Remove the end caps of your tire valves and place the pressure gauge. Then press on it quickly to get a reading. If the reading is too high, push the valve to let out some air. If it’s below, fill the tire with air until you reach the recommendations for your car.

It’s recommended to check your tires monthly. Keeping your tires properly inflated increases your car’s durability, handling and ride quality. Who doesn’t like a smooth ride?

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