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Dos and Don’ts of Hazard Light Usage

Posted on : October 16, 2018

Ever wonder what happens when you push the red triangular button in the center of your car’s dashboard? Well, pressing that button sets off a flash to your rear end lights and warns other drivers about your hazard signal. Hazard lights are misunderstood by the average driver and can be easily misused. It’s extremely crucial to follow legal guidelines in hazard light usage in order to maintain a safe driving environment. Below are some dos and don’ts to consider when using your hazard light.


  • An example of a situation where you can use your hazard lights is when parking your car in an illegal spot or a spot that doesn’t seem like a usual place to park. In this situation, turning on your hazards is a way to express that you won’t be parked for long.
  • Another situation where hazard lights are useful is when a driver stops on a road when encountering an obstacle. This warns other drivers that you are at a stand-still when they are coming close behind.
  • During funeral processions, drivers are allowed to use their hazard lights to show other drivers that attendees are following each other. These vehicles have the right of way at all times; the only exception is if the police, fire trucks, or ambulances have their emergency lights on and are in active pursuit.
  • It’s also safe to use your hazard lights when you’re on the side of the road changing a tire or if your vehicle broke down and is being towed.


As said previously, the usage of hazard lights is commonly misunderstood. A situation where many people misuse their hazards is when they drive in the rain, specifically to show consideration by increasing visibility. However, they are wrong. Hazards are made to signal drivers you are stopping or if your vehicle is disabled.

Setting off your hazard lights inappropriately can cause confusion to other drivers as it disables the ability of your turning signals which can lead to an unsafe driving experience. Although there is no specific fine toward the misuse of hazard lights, drivers should be aware of and follow the highway code for everyone’s safety.


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