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Driving as a Senior

Posted on : February 12, 2018

The sense of danger on the road increases when we get older. The threat of a collision can be greatly reduced if you are an alert and proactive driver. Here are some tips to be active in your own safety.

Guage Your Physical Health

Do you feel stiff? Are you in pain? do you suffer from chronic stress or fatigue? These are all important questions to ask yourself when getting behind the wheel. Your health is important and will affect your driving on the road. If you experience any of these conditions consult with your doctor to discuss your driving options for the future.

It’s also important to know if the medication you’re prescribed can affect your driving. It is your responsibility to make sure you keep yourself and others on the road safe by abstaining from driving if your medication causes drowsiness, lightheadedness, or another symptom that can affect your driving.

Schedule Hearing and Vision Tests

It’s simple to do at your annual check-up or if you feel like your senses are in decline. If you wear prescription glasses make sure you are always wearing them, and be especially cautious about driving in the later hours. Keep noise to a minimum as this can distract from your concentration on the road

Be Realistic About Your Limitations

As you age it’s important, to be honest about your abilities. Identifying the parts of you that are not as sharp as they used to be is a proactive way to set yourself up for success and safety on the road.

some tips for adjusting driving…

  • Keep your following distance longer so you have more time to stop if needed
  • Avoid busy areas
  • Anticipate traffic as opposed to reacting to it

Check Your Driving Position

adjusting your driving position can help with driving. here are some things to consider changing to better your control of the vehicle.

  • Adjusting the seat so you can grasp the steering wheel correctly
  • Move your side and rearview mirrors so you can see properly
  • Making sure your seat is close enough where you can reach both the gas pedal and the break

Avoid Hazardous Conditions

there are certain times where driving will be more dangerous than others, during rush hour, at night, and when vision is limited. If you have trouble seeing at night, it’s important to get home before rush hour. so you don’t get stuck on the road as it begins to get dark.

Take a Senior Driving Course

taking a senior driving course can help you brush up on your memory on the rules of the road and your driving skills. Investing this time to better your driving skills, will empower you to make educated decisions on the road.

For more information on driver safety visit the DMV website.

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