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Finding Liability When You Slip and Fall At A Retailer

Posted on : April 11, 2017

The last thing you expect to happen when you go out shopping is to come home with an injury or chronic pain. Fact is, if a company is open for business, it is their duty to make sure it is a safe place that eliminates risks to those who shop there. Here are some common causes of slip and fall accidents that make retailers negligent and are likely to require compensation for the victim. 

Snow, Ice, or Rain

If there’s heavy precipitation in your area, entrances to businesses can accumulate the moisture and become slippery. Is it the company’s job to instruct their employees to clear the area of any fall hazards, otherwise people can slip and injure themselves unnecessarily. 

Falling Off the Shelves 

Imagine this: you’re at a big box retailer and an employee, just a few minutes earlier, neglected to put that huge item on the shelf properly. Lo and behold, as you’re walking by, it falls off of the shelf and hits you, causing headaches and chronic pain. The company is held responsible because it is their duty to train their employees to do things safely and responsibly. 

Poor Lighting

Next scenario; you’re walking in a store that for some reason is dimly lit. You can’t even see to the end of the aisle. You turn a corner and hit your hip against a sharp edge of a shelf. The company in question is responsible for making sure walkways are clear and visible. A failure to do so can lead to injury. 

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