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Three Signs You Need To Have Your Car Checked

Posted on : August 7, 2018

It happens to all car owners. You will hear yourself say, “I need to get my car checked.” This happens after a while you have driven your vehicle or have experienced a minor accident that might’ve caused a minor damage to your that is not seen to the eye. Even a small bump to the front of your car has potential to ruin the engine. You just never know. However, receiving services does not come free. So if you’re hesitating to bring your vehicle to the dealership, here are three signs you should get your car checked.

1. Vibrating or pulling from the brakes: If you feel on edge with your breaks, it’s imperative to get them checked right away. In a minor situation, your wheel may not be aligned. Though, if it was in another situation, your breaks may be worn out or broken. These two parts of your vehicle are what gives you control of your car. In result, you should always make sure that it is in tip-top condition.

2. Smoke: smoke from the hood or the exhaust is a HUGE sign that you need to get your car checked. If smoke comes out of your hood this means there is an over-heating problem and can potentially ruin your engine. You should pull over and cool down your car. If excess smoke is coming out of your exhaust, this too is a warning sign. It may follow a burning smell. This means that you are low on oil. If you check the back bumper and see black residue, you would have to contact your mechanic as soon as possible.

3. Abnormal sounds: Remember how the car feels, sounds and runs while you drive it normally. If anything seems out of place that’s the best time to get it checked. Head to a local transmission mechanic to see what’s wrong with your vehicle.

There are many other characteristics you should look out for. There is also a rule of thumb to get your car checked at least once a year or once you drive 10k-12k miles. Make sure your car is up and running well!

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