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Fruits and Veggies Available in Fall

Posted on : September 29, 2017


When summer comes to a close, we are in the months of fall where the wind gets a bit chillier and we break out those light jackets.

We begin to look forward to seasonal fruits and vegetables that are on supermarket shelves or at the nearest farmers market. At this point in time, these fruits and veggies are in the prime of their harvest.

Eggplant: these are available earlier in the fall season. They are fresh and will be available into the middle of the season.

Pomegranates: this juicy fruit thrives in warmer climates, however, they are in season from October through December.

Pumpkins: you can grab your pumpkin while it’s just coming into the season. Look for them in September and October.

Figs: these fruits are time sensitive, so they are available for a short while at the end of the fall season. They are great for your Thanksgiving feast.

Zucchini: this vegetable thrives throughout the hot summer months and into the early season of fall.

Cranberries: these may be challenging to find because they are native to the northern states such as New England and Upper Midwest.

Cauliflower: although you may see these all year, they are at their best in cool weather crops. Look for them through fall, winter and early spring.



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