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Gas-Saving Tips

Posted on : February 16, 2018

With gas prices on the rise, it’s important to make sure we keep our gas expenses as low as possible. Carpooling, riding the public transit, or putting in some cardio on the bicycle are common solutions to this issue. However, unless you live in a metropolitan area or a well organized suburban area these options are impractical. One more option would be to invest in a hybrid car. However, that too is out of reach unless you are in the financial position to lease or purchase a new car.

Here are some handy ways to reduce your gas cost without overhauling your daily commute.

Buying Gas

  • Gas is denser at cooler temperatures, you’ll want to fill your tank at in the morning, or at night.
  • DON’T OVERFILL YOUR TANK, overfilling you tank can leak into your charcoal canister or your carbon filter. these components are only designed for vapor and if it gets saturated with liquid gas it will damage your car’s engine.
  • Avoid cars with fuel additives, those types of gas will not enhance your car’s performance or keep your car running better for longer. The way you keep your cars longevity is by maintaining it and making use that the oil is changed as needed.
  • Keep the weight in the car as low as possible, that means don’t use your car as a storage unit if you can help it.

Driving Habits

  • Give yourself more time to travel, especially interstate.
  • Use AC when driving at a faster rate, limit your AC when driving at slower speeds.
  • If you’re in a colder climate limit warming your car engine.
  • Use cruise control on flat stretches of highway. make sure you turn this off when ascending hills.
  • Avoid tapping the breaks, you will end up accelerating to compensate the distance with the car in front of you.
  • Eliminate drag on your car.
  • Avoid driving in congested areas, or know construction zones.
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