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Healthy Habits for Kids

Posted on : October 2, 2017


When you’re a parent or guardian, it’s important to instill healthy habits for your children. They are similar to blank slates, and you can teach them how to take care of themselves and their bodies at an early age.

Here are a few examples of how you can get started:

Healthy Foods

Most children are picky eaters. You can choose to go down the route of blending their foods so that they aren’t aware of what they are eating because they can’t see it, or you can choose to teach them. Have fun with this learning experience.

You could grab a plate and use sliced up carrots for eyes, a piece of celery as a nose and string beans for a smile. You could explain the importance of each vegetable and how it helps them to grow and become stronger. They could come up with stories about their plate-person before they dig in. If they are still being fussy eaters, then try various types to find out if they will like one more than another.

Hand Washing

Make it a habit that your child always washes his/her hands immediately after they step through the door. This will develop a routine to help keep them germ-free. Inform them about the reason of why they have to wash their hands. You can also ask them to sing the “Row your boat” song twice, to ensure that they are really getting their washing done. When they

You can also ask them to sing the “Row your boat” song twice, to ensure that they are really getting their washing done. When they finish the song the first time, that’s when they should begin soaping up their hands. When the song starts up again, it’s time to wash the soap off. Once the second song is over, the water should be off and they should begin their hand drying. You could make it as interactive and fun as you want.

Teeth Brushing

Many children suffer through dentist visits because they don’t properly care for their teeth. Children are not aware of the importance of proper dental care. Make sure that the first thing your child does in the morning is to reach for the toothbrush. Also, make it a rule that they have to brush before they go to bed.

Try to make a game out of the mundane task. Set a timer for two minutes and brush alongside your child. Ask them to show you how to properly brush. They will lead and you have to follow. If they forget to brush a certain area, ask them why that area of your mouth “feels funny” to remind them that they missed a spot.

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