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How Roadway Designs Cause Accidents

Posted on : February 17, 2017

When car accidents happen, we usually tend to first believe it was due to one of the driver’s fault, but accidents don’t always occur due to driver error. Sometimes, simply the road may be to blame. Research has found that dangerous roadway conditions rank among the highest of causes of car accidents. Roadways with construction defects and design deficiency may greatly affect a driver’s experience on the road. Even if an accident is caused due to driver error, it could be made worse rather than be a minor accident if the road conditions are not safe. Here are some common road hazards to be aware of:

Hazardous obstacles
Fallen trees, car parts, debris, and potholes are the cause of many accidents and sometimes can take drivers by surprise, making them abruptly swerve out of their lane and hit another car. Government agencies in charge of roads have a responsibility to remove hazardous obstacles in a timely manner.

Hazardous surfaces
Roads can become hazardous when the pavement surface does not have sufficient skid resistance, or when poor drainage systems cause hydroplaning or ponding.

Dangerous Intersections
Malfunctioning or confusing traffic signs and sharp or narrow roads can triple the chance of an intersection accident, which is already common on its own.

Insufficient traffic signals and signage
Missing, confusing, defective, or improper traffic signals and warning signs can cause confusion, chaos, and accidents on roadways.

Bad construction
Roadways may weaken, collapse, and become unsafe if they are built poorly or with any errors or with use of poor quality materials.
If you happen to find yourself on a hazardous road, make sure to drive carefully, especially if you see debris or if the pavement feels uneven or bumpy.

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