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How to Check for Signs of Product Defect

Posted on : January 16, 2018

Product and design defects are common because products are manufactured by the thousands. Not one product can be an exact replica of the previous ones created so every product is unique in its own way. Every product is unique in the sense that it can indeed have defects that makes the product liable to cause issues or injuries to consumers, and a possible injury to the wallet of major companies that manufacture thousands of products a day. How do you check for defects in everyday products? Here’s a way to check for defects:

1.Check for minor defects 

Minor defects are typically small insignificant issues that do not affect function of the item.

2.Check for major defects 

Major defects are considered defects that alter the products function negatively and result in customers returning the product.

3.Check for critical defects 

Critical defects render the item unusable, or can cause harm to someone.

Using these details about product defects can help you to determine whether the item needs to be recalled because it could affect thousands of consumers. Identifying what kind of defect it could be can help you to save yourself from a major injury or health issue.

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