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How to Handle a Driver With Road Rage

Posted on : August 2, 2022

If you drive long enough, you’re sure to come across a driver with road rage at one point or another. A driver with road rage is characterized by unsafe and aggressive driving due to a perceived slight. For example, if a driver gets cut off by someone else, they might become irrationally angry and start driving recklessly as a result. They might engage in yelling out the window or tailgating another driver. Road rage is a major cause of car accidents on the road that is entirely avoidable.

Road rage has been the cause of a huge number of accidents and fatalities over the years. According to the American Automobile Association, over 200 murders and 12,000 injuries were the direct result of road rage over a seven year time period. The tragedy of these numbers is that road rage is entirely due to driver error and could be prevented. While you can’t control how another driver might behave on the road, you can control how you respond to their reckless driving. 

Keep reading to learn how to handle a driver with road rage.

Avoid Causing the Rage

While there’s no excuse for road rage, the best way to avoid it is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Some of the most common driver actions that cause road rage include cutting off another driver, driving far slower than the posted speed limit, tailgating, among other driving behaviors. As a driver, you should always do your best to avoid inducing road rage in someone by not engaging in any of these types of actions. It’s true that every driver makes mistakes, but being conscious of what causes road rage can help you prevent it.

Don’t Feed the Rage

If you do happen to notice a driver with road rage, the worst thing you can do is to engage with them. Drivers with road rage are looking for a target to blame their rage on. If you feed their rage by matching their unsafe driving behavior, you’re creating a loop of reckless driving that could get very dangerous, very fast. The best way to avoid the wrath of a road rager is to simply let them pass without engaging them.

Don’t Pull Over  

When dealing with a driver who has road rage, it might be tempting to simply pull over to let them pass by. However, this could be extremely dangerous. Some drivers with road rage are hoping you’ll pull over so they can escalate things further outside of the vehicle. The safer option is to switch lanes if you’re on a multi-lane road, or turn onto another road as soon as it’s safe to do so. However, the key is to keep moving to avoid an in-person confrontation with a road rager.

Call 911

Some drivers with road rage are impossible to shake. If you feel like you’re being followed and harassed by someone with road rage and you feel unsafe, don’t hesitate to contact the police. If you feel unsafe, calling 911 and reporting the reckless driving behavior can be a smart decision to finally get them off your back. Any time you bring cars into the equation, you never want to leave things to chance. A reckless driver could slam into your car if they’re mad enough, so don’t hesitate to protect yourself and your vehicle.

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