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How to Pull Over Safely

Posted on : July 18, 2019

If you’re on the freeway and see cops lights twinkling from your rearview mirror, your best bet is to pull over. But how do we pull over safely? The paranoia of a car sideswiping yours may always be there, however, we have the solution to make sure you stay safe when pulling over on the highway. 

First, you’ll want to slow a bit, not too abruptly, and make your way into the shoulder of the highway. Make sure to pull over as far into the shoulder as you can before hitting the railing. Also, remember to give the policeman enough room to stand between your car and the railing. Once you’ve handled your ticket situation and it’s time to get back on the road, put your blinker on and steadily make your way back into the lane when you can. 

Did you get a flat tire on the freeway? You’ll need to pull your car over as to not cause a back up in traffic, or worse, a car crash and a pile-up. Pull over in the same manner as you would with the police, however, before you get out of your car, pull your emergency brake. This is to make sure that if a car hits yours from behind, it does not roll. If you are in front of the vehicle, a car could come from behind and push your car forward enough to hit you, this is why the emergency brake is necessary. When you get out of your car, stay on the side closest to the railway. Do not go in front or on the side closest to the highway. Be very cautious when reaching into your trunk as a car could come up from behind and strike you while you reach to grab your spare tire.


If you ever need to pull over on the highway, make sure to park as far out of the lanes as possible.

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