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Alternatives to Running

Posted on : September 22, 2017


If you’re trying to live an active lifestyle and get as much exercise into your daily routine, you may have tried running. Some runners claim that running gives them a high and it keeps them motivated to keep going. If you’ve never

If you’ve never experienced the “runner’s high”, and if you aren’t very fond of running then there are other alternatives that may work for you. There’s no “one activity fits all” when it comes to exercise, so feel free to try these other high-intensity options:


If your joints always feel achy when you run or if you have trouble with your joints, then elliptical workouts may work for you. Elliptical machines eliminate the impact that’s often associated with running. When on an elliptical machine, you are mimicking the motions of a runner while giving your joints a much-needed rest.


It’s not as fast pace as running but walking is still beneficial to your health. It’s advised to walk the same distance as you would if you were running for similar benefits. It will take longer to get through the exercise but it gives you time to enjoy the scenery around you.

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics offers an in-between of running and walking. Through this exercise, you would be performing a high-intensity workout with low impact on your joints. It’s a step to help improve your muscular strength while improving your cardiovascular endurance.

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