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Keeping Cool in the Pool while Preventing Injury

Posted on : January 22, 2018

Taking a swim in the pool during the day or night can be beneficial for your health, but it is important to take the necessary steps to be safe because getting injured in the pool can be life-threatening. Property owners that have pools must always take steps to ensure that floors are not slippery, or a pool fence is installed to prevent children or adults from slipping or falling into the pool or on wet surfaces. Also, alcoholic beverages by the pool are common during parties, but consuming too much alcohol can lead to drowning or falling because it leads to the loss of motor skills.

If you are taking a swim at night, please make sure that there are lights installed in the pool to see clearly if you are swimming underwater because you could possibly injure yourself if you hit your head on the pool floor or on the side of the pool. Also, it always a good idea to have company while you’re in the pool to ensure that you are safe and will have help in the event that you encounter any safety issues.

Don’t dive into the pool before checking if the water is too shallow. Muscle and joint sprains in the pool are very common because people often dive in either headfirst or feet first. If the water is too shallow you could sprain your ankle in the water or get a serious head or spinal injury from diving in headfirst.

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