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Low Fuel: Do You Really Know Your Car?

Posted on : April 24, 2018


There is a meme that says, “There are two people: People who fuel up and people who know their car.” Do you know your car?

If you do know your car, you would know that driving with the low fuel light on can do some damage. There was a survey that concluded about every year, more than 800k drivers ignored their warning light—causing to break down their car.

So what happens to your car when you run on a low fuel light?

It mostly comes down to your fuel pump. Your fuel pump is the part of your car where it sends gasoline from the tank to the engine. Even though it’s an important component of driving it does tend to break—especially if you like driving with a low tank of gas.

What you need to look out for is the strainer, filter, and the motor. The fuel goes through the strainer and is pushed through to the motor to cool the windings that make the motor work. When you run out of fuel that means you’re running air. If it runs through the air, then your motor can overheat.  This would destroy your windings and make your car to crash down.

The fuel works as a lubricant to keep the motor running rather than wearing out. What’s worse is the sediment that normally sits at the bottom of the tank can be pressured up to the strainer. This can result too clogging the strainer and creating a sticky sensation in the fuel filter – which will supply insufficient fuel. This may damage your fuel tank, and then you would have to invest in a new one.

If you’re thinking you can trust your fuel gauge to estimate how much you can drive for, you can’t. The fuel gauge gives you an estimate of how many miles you can ride before your car breaks down. Experts say that it’s best and safe to keep your gas no less than one-fourth of your tank.

So if you know you’re going on a long drive, make sure you fuel up. Don’t rely on your car to take you places. Keep yourself safe and trust yourself to get you places.

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