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Monday Mood Booster: Part 2

Posted on : May 8, 2017



Once again, on this lovely Monday, we bring you more methods on dealing with those negative emotions that have the potential to destroy your day. The last thing you need is the adverse feelings adding on to your aches and pains.


Dive right in:


Give Thanks


When you are feeling a bit down, you may have to mentally boost yourself back into the right frame of mind. Start by recognizing what you are thankful for in life. It could be simple things such as the food you eat, the clothes you have or the home you live in. It could be larger things such as your children, your job or your health. Taking the time to write or say aloud the things that you’re grateful for, creates a more positive outlook for the rest of your day. Try to get this accomplished first thing in the morning.


Get Enough Sleep


If you find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning, this may be an underlying issue to the unfavorable emotions that occur later. Try to maintain a sleep schedule that gives you the sufficient 7-10 hours that your body and mind requires to function efficiently. Try staying away from phones and computers an hour before bedtime to induce sleep-mode. If it’s difficult to fall asleep find some relaxation methods such as drinking chamomile tea, meditating or reading a book.


Allow the Sunshine


As much as you would like to close all the doors and windows, you may need to readjust that mindset. By letting in natural sunlight, you are allowing your mind to wake up and stimulate your body into an active mode. Similar to going outside and exercising, just letting the sunshine in makes it so much easier to transition to outdoor activities. Let the rays lift your spirit.

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