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Monday Mood Booster: Part 6

Posted on : June 12, 2017

This week’s mood boosters are these three activities that will inspire a relaxed mood. Give them a try.


Taking a moment out of your day to sit and meditate may help ease your mind and de-stress your thoughts. It’s understandable that you have a busy and hectic schedule but you really should take a moment to stop and take a moment for yourself. What better way to do this than to meditate? Sit on the floor on a yoga mat, sit on your couch or on your office chair and close your eyes and breathe deeply. This much needed break will help relax your mind, help you have better concentration and boost your overall mood. Give it a try.


If you have a desk or a room within your house or office that needs some much needed organization then by all means, do it! Having a clear and organized living space often helps your mind to flow on a smoother level. Cluttered areas will have your mind running constantly about the next task at hand that requires your attention. However, if you took a minute to organize your space then your day and your mind will thank you. Start small by tossing out old mail and donating clothes that you don’t really wear anymore. This may eventually inspire you to take your organization to a grander level. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so take your time to ease into it.

Go Shopping

Shopping may act as a form of therapy. Most people associate shopping with relaxation and leisure time. By taking a day and having a shopping excursion, you will be pampering yourself. There’s no harm in buying something new. Try to set up a goal for yourself such as a budget and what you may want to accomplish on the trip. These goals could include finding a gag gift for someone, trying on clothing that you would never consider before or finally going into a store that you never approached before. For an even better time, take a friend or two with you for added laughs and opinions. Take a break from your usual schedule to focus on yourself.

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