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Better Running With or Without Shoes

Posted on : July 3, 2018


Where would you rather go on vacation — to the city or the beach?

Majority of the people hit the islands or the beaches to soak up the sun for the summer. That’s the best way to receive natural vitamin D. Summer might even inspire you to work on that swimsuit body! Running is the usual go-to exercise people choose to lose weight, gain stamina and stay fit year-round. For this season, many people decide to run on the beach. Before you question it – consider it to have multiple benefits. You’re running in the fresh air, gathering up vitamins and you’re sculpting your body at the same time.

Yet, some people run with shoes and some people run barefoot. Which option is better? Technically both are acceptable. It just depends if you’re experienced or not.

First thing is first, you have to keep in mind that running on sand is different than running on pavement. The sand itself is not stable ground. It will be different for each step. You may also encounter a lot of seaweed, seashells and other unwanted surprises on the beach from past beach-goers (maybe even see a jellyfish on the ground). Therefore, it’s not all just a view of paradise. You do have to be aware of the path you are running on.

If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended to wear shoes. Any pair of running shoes is perfectly fine. Though, if you want to keep the sand away from your socks, it’s best to invest in a closed-mesh shoe. There are other shoes that can also help with the grip because believe it or not and can get slippery. If you want to start running barefoot, train yourself. Start by going for a short run (10-15 minutes) before you go the distance. There are pros and cons to running on barefoot, and one of the cons is causing an injury.

That’s unfortunate, we know. That’s why you take it step-by-step for your feet muscles adapt to the new circumstances.

Running barefooted might lead to ankles sprains and achilles injuries because your feet are getting any support. Since the sand is within a soft surface, it has the ability to stretch your muscles longer. Though, you are also running in a natural range of motion, which results in strengthening your feet and ankles.

Even though you can run, either way, the better option would be with shoes on. It will give you the support needed when putting pressure on your body and prevent any injury you may come across.


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