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Most Common Damages Claims

Posted on : June 28, 2022

The world can be a dangerous place. You never know when you might find yourself in the position of needing to make a damage or personal injury claim. If you or someone you know does end up in this position, hiring an attorney can help you potentially get the most out of your claim.

According to the CDC, 39.5 million people in the U.S. receive medical attention for an injury each year. The CDC also reports that 57.5 million people visit a physician’s office annually. These numbers show that damages and personal injuries can happen to anyone, and you might find yourself as one of the tens of millions looking to file a claim for their particular injury.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about some of the most common types of damages claims:

Car Accidents

It shouldn’t be surprising that one of the most common forms of damages and personal injury claims stems from car accidents. A car accident involving two heavy vehicles can cause damage and injury to the passengers involved. Many different types of injuries can result from a car accident, such as a damaged neck injury. Filing a damages claim after a car accident can help you with the compensation you deserve.

Construction Injuries  

Another common form of damages and injury claims has to do with construction. While strides have been made in recent years to improve construction site safety and working conditions, they can still be dangerous places to work. Between falling objects and working with hazardous materials, there’s a high potential for personal injury. If you ever find yourself injured due to a construction site, consider hiring an attorney who can fight on your behalf to receive compensation for your injury.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall incidents are unfortunately all too common. This results in many slip and fall injury claims being made each year. These incidents typically occur when a walking surface is wet or damaged in such a way that causes someone to slip and fall when they walk over it. Many aspects go into a slip and fall case when assigning blame. However, if you find yourself injured by a slip and fall incident, you can attempt to receive compensation for your injuries.

Workplace Injuries

Construction sites aren’t the only places of work where you can be injured. Any kind of workplace, no matter how seemingly safe, can cause an injury to its employees. Whether the injury arises from an equipment malfunction or improper safety measures on the part of the company, you may consider hiring an attorney to help with your damages and personal injury case.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, the guidance from a personal injury attorney could help navigate the aftermath. It is helpful to have legal and medical experts on your side. The experts at 1-800-411-PAIN can help explain your options, fight for the compensation you deserve, and guide you through a swift recovery.

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