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Motorcycle Accident FAQs

Posted on : September 20, 2017

All drivers on the road are required to follow regulations, including laws, road signs, and stoplights. All of these regulations and limitations focus primarily on the safety of all drivers on the road. Motorcyclists are no exception to this rule, and riders take safety measures to protect themselves while riding. In the event that a motorcycle and automobile crash, various steps must be taken to protect each person, both physically and legally. Motorcycle accidents are especially threatening because motorcycles are smaller and less protective in comparison to typical automobile vehicles. In the event that you become involved in a motorcycle accident, the following frequently asked questions discuss some of the details to offer clarification. 


What should I do if I am involved in an accident on my motorcycle?

First and foremost, seek medical attention and call the police. The next step is to meet with an attorney. It is essential to consider not to admit fault, or sign anything, in order to protect your rights. At the scene of the accident, take photos of the scene, injuries, and damage to your motorcycle. Exchange contact information with other drivers involved in the accident, or witnesses, if any were present. Be sure to include names, addresses, license plate numbers, and car information (color, make, model).


While riding my motorcycle, a car that turned left in front of me hit me. Who is at fault?

A car making a left turn is mostly always liable for an accident with a vehicle coming straight, in the other direction. This rule applies to motorcycles, additionally. However, there are exceptions to this rule is the vehicle traveling straight ran a red light, or was exceeding the speed limit. 


What is “comparative negligence”?

Comparative negligence distinguishes fault across the drivers involved in an accident. The amount of negligence depends on driver carelessness that played a vital role in the accident. An example of comparative negligence for a motorcyclist may be a faulty brake light, tail light, or motorcycle headlamp. Motorcyclists are encouraged to do routine checks to ensure their motorcycle is functioning optimally, similar to routine car maintenance.


Does health insurance coverage or paid sick leave limit motorcycle accident recovery?

If you became injured in a motorcycle accident, whether you paid for medical care out of pocket, or your health insurance covers you, is irrelevant. Remember that your health insurance carrier may require you to reimburse expenses, out of award or settlement, for partial or complete payments that is required to treat your injuries.


Are motorcyclists required to wear helmets?

Different states have different laws concerning requirements of wearing a helmet. Many states have implemented essential helmet-use laws for motorcycle riders and passengers. Research your local motor vehicle laws to determine if you are required to wear a helmet. Most medical experts would agree the safest way to ride a bike is wearing a helmet. 


All accidents have the potential to be life-changing, and confusing when they first occur. Motorcycle accidents are no exception to this reality, as motorcycles have less protective covering compared to typical automobile vehicles. If you ride a motorcycle, it is recommended to drive the speed limit, and wear a helmet at all times. In the case that you become involved in a motorcycle accident, in any way, call the police and seek medical attention. After you seek the proper medical attention, contact a personal injury attorney to discover the potential compensation you may be entitled to.


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