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Neck and Back Injuries After a Car Accident: Causes and Treatment Options

Posted on : January 25, 2022

Car accidents do not always result in visible trauma; however, it is always important to be aware of possible internal injuries. Neck and back injuries are some of the most common car accident injuries. Pain from these types of injuries can inhibit your life and cause daily discomfort, and they can keep you from working and doing the things you love. Continue reading this blog to learn more about neck and back injuries and their symptoms.


If you’ve been in a car accident, you will want to be aware of any symptoms that flare up immediately after. That way, you can quickly seek medical attention and receive treatment for your injuries. Here are some symptoms to look out for directly after a car accident:

Extreme pain in your neck or back

Tingling, numbness, or a burning sensation in any part of your body

Inability to move your fingers or toes

Chronic headaches

Lack of balance

Inability to walk

Inability to control bowels or bladder

Difficulty breathing

Symptoms are not always immediate. Sometimes they appear days, weeks, or even months following a car accident. Listed below are some delayed symptoms.

Prolonged headaches

Stomach pain or tenderness

Extreme weakness

Pinching, tingling, or numbing sensation in the neck, back, or limbs

Decreased vision or hearing

Stress and anxiety

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should consult a doctor who can diagnose and provide you with treatment. You should immediately visit urgent care or an emergency room. You should handle neck and back injuries immediately. It is imperative to take each symptom seriously, no matter how minor.

Types of Neck and Back Injuries

There are various neck and back injuries you can sustain when involved in a car accident. The majority of these injuries result from whiplash, the violent whipping motion caused by the force of impact. The pain from these injuries can range from minor to severe. Treatment and recovery time depend on the type of neck or back injury sustained. 

Lumbar sprains, a typical result of rear-end car accidents, are damage to the muscles and tissues in the back, causing lower back pain. You can treat this injury with some rest and over-the-counter pain medication. 

On the other hand, lumbar and thoracic spine injuries are more pressing and require expert care. These types of injuries can range from spinal fractures to sciatica. Based on the injury, you may need surgery and long-term physical therapy. Lumbar and thoracic spine injuries can be diagnosed using an x-ray and/or MRI machine, and pain levels may vary depending on the location and type of injury.

Disc herniation is an injury in which the cushioned discs between your spinal vertebrae are displaced. This injury can happen anywhere along the spine and is generally painful. Herniated discs are treated surgically and require physical therapy. If herniated discs go untreated, they could lead to degenerative spinal disorders.

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