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Parking Lot Safety Tips

Posted on : September 10, 2019
If you’re like us, you probably park your car multiple times a day. Here’s a reminder to always take necessary precautions when parking your car.
  1. Location, location, location:When parking your car, always be aware of your location. Normally, if the lot is full with other cars, it’s an indicator that there is a lot of traffic and people. Parking in an empty lot makes your car a prime target and extremely noticeable. You want to find a happy medium.
  2. Scope out a good spot:
When choosing your spot, it is suggested to avoid parking between SUV’s, vans, and trucks that are taller than average. Parking between these cars can create a blind spot for muggers to hide.
  1. Lock it up:This may seem obvious but many car thefts happen when someone leaves a key in the ignition by accident! Don’t let that be you. Always double check that your keys are in your bag or pocket, and all of your windows (and sunroofs) are CLOSED.
  2. Hide the goodies:
Hide your valuables, or things that look like they are valuable, or take them with you. Sometimes thieves break into a car to grab a small bag hoping to find gold, and find the opposite- junk. Most of the times the small bags are worth pennies, but appeared to have something valuable in it. Hide it so your car isn’t broken into.
If you follow these guidelines and use good judgment, you’ll be an A+ parker! It’s never a good time to be involved in vehicle theft. Always play it safe.
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