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Pedestrian Safety: 3 Tips for Running at Night

Posted on : August 4, 2017

Running at night is a perfect option who don’t like the heat and crowd of people that are out during the day. Though this is a great option to keep out of the sun, it can be very dangerous for pedestrians who are running. Many pedestrian accidents occur during the night hours when drivers have less visibility of the road. Pedestrians can keep themselves safe by following a few tips to avoid getting hit. Here are 3 tips for running at night. 

Be Visible

Visibility is key when running at night. Since it is dark outside, drivers will not be able to see you if you are wearing all black or other dark colors. Though most of us don’t like wearing bright colors, they are the best to wear at night. Lighter and brighter colors allow drivers to see you instead of you blending into the darkness. It is also a smart idea to wear clothing that has reflectors on it. Most sport apparel stores sell shirts, shoes, and pants that have reflectors on them. When a driver’s headlights shine on you they will clearly see you there. You can also consider wearing a blinking white or red light to alert others that you are present.

Pick a Familiar Route

Running on a familiar route is always a smart way to stay safe. During the day, you may enjoy running 5 or 10 mile routes that take you further from your home. At night, it is best to stay closer to where you live. Find a small park and run a couple laps or run around your neighborhood. When you are in a familiar place you are less likely to get lost or injured.

Run in a Well-Lite Area

When you are choosing a familiar route, it is best to pick one that is well-lite. Many pedestrian accidents occur because drivers can’t see the person in the dark. To avoid running the risk of getting hit, pick somewhere that has many street lights. If it is well-lite, you are less likely to trip or get hit because you will have more visibility.

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