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Prepping your Car for Bad Weather Conditions

Posted on : January 23, 2018

Bad weather conditions are common wherever you are but, knowing tips and tricks on how to stay safe is key to surviving any accident during bad weather. Bad weather conditions include snow, rain, strong winds, and flooding. Each weather condition requires different ways of being cautious to prevent serious injury.
Avoid black ice
Black ice forms near stops signs, curbs, bridges, and other places that have a low source of light. Black ice is a thin layer of ice on the road that can create very dangerous conditions for motorists. If you encounter black ice, do not panic. Be sure to slow down and allow the vehicle to move without accelerating or trying to use the brakes while on or near the ice.

Avoid hydroplaning
Hydroplaning occurs when it is raining, and your vehicle is moving at a speed that is dangerous because your car is moving on water and you could potentially lose control of the car.

Do not enter a flooded area
If you enter a flooded area and are unsure of how deep the water could be, do not continue driving because the water could damage your car. Once water enters the air valve, the vehicle’s engine could shut off and you could be stuck until you can get out of the vehicle.

Get your car inspected for winter season
Getting your car inspected before the change of the season is beneficial because you may need better tires, or to switch out faulty parts of the car that may not work in different weather conditions.
Driving during bad weather conditions is inevitable sometimes, but making sure that you drive safely by slowing down, braking slowly, and not tailgating cars is necessary to avoid serious injury or accidents.


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