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Rental Car Accidents

Posted on : April 12, 2022

With summer approaching, you may have a trip planned where you will need to rent a car. Rental cars are instrumental in getting around while visiting a vacation destination. Compared to relying on public transit or rideshare services, rental cars allow you to travel wherever and whenever you please. 

Ultimately, rental cars give you more control over your vacation. However, what happens if you are injured in a rental car accident? How would a rental car accident differ from an accident in your own vehicle? What steps should you take to protect yourself from unexpected liability? This blog has all you need to know about rental car accidents.

After an Accident, First Things First

Following a rental car accident, your safety is paramount. Be sure that you, your passengers, and anyone involved in the accident are out of harm’s way. If you can, safely move the damaged vehicles out of traffic and off the road.

Even if no one sustained injuries, you should call 911 right away. An officer will arrive, secure the accident scene, and record an official accident report. Be sure to take photos and video evidence of any damage done. Share your contact information with the other drivers involved, witnesses, and the police officer on the scene.

You should also call the rental car company for the next steps. 

Insurance Coverage

Keep in mind that when renting a car, you are responsible for any damage that may occur while the vehicle is under your care, even if the damage is due to someone else’s negligence. If you are ever involved in a rental car accident, there are three possible sources for insurance coverage – the rental car company, your car insurance, or the credit card you used to pay for the rental.

When renting a car, you will usually be offered options for additional insurance coverage through the rental car company – collision damage waiver, liability coverage, personal accident insurance, and personal effects coverage. You must review these coverage options, compare them with your car insurance policy, and purchase any additional insurance to protect you from unexpected liability. In some cases, your car insurance will offer the best coverage for rental car accidents.

When renting a car using a major credit card, the credit card company will sometimes provide coverage for any damage done to the vehicle during the rental period. However, credit card companies generally will not cover the cost of property damage and medical expenses incurred by others due to the rental car accident.

After 911, Call 411

Dealing with insurance matters after a rental car accident can be frustrating, especially if you are recovering from an injury sustained from the accident. That is why it is helpful to have legal and medical professionals on your side. If you or a loved one has been involved in a rental car accident, call 1-800-411-PAIN today. Our legal professionals can help explain your options for coverage, and they can fight for the financial compensation you may deserve. Our medical professionals are also here to help you recover from any injuries you may have sustained. Remember, after 911, call 411. That’s 1-800-411-PAIN.

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