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Surprising Reasons Why Your Eyes Puff Up

Posted on : September 18, 2017

Some mornings, we may wake up with swollen puffy eyes and question what happened the day before to cause this type of reaction. We strive to begin our day looking fresh and vibrant without the puffiness.

The easiest thing to do is to keep track of your activities from the day before and assess what you did. Most times, puffy eyes are caused by allergic reactions, but there are other factors that could have influenced your skin to react this way.


Contact lenses block off oxygen from reaching the eye. If you wear your lenses for too long or you sleep in your lenses, this may be the cause for an irritated and puffy eye area. Give your eyes a break once in a while from your contact lenses.


Consuming a large amount of salt could cause your eyes to become puffy because sodium tends to retain fluid. This means that it has the potential to build up fluids in the tissue around your eyes. If salt consumption causes your puffy eyes, try to reduce your sodium intake.


Moderation is always key, especially when it comes to consuming alcoholic beverages. Alcohol lowers the anti-diuretic hormones within your body which then causes the puffiness. Alcohol makes it harder to sleep. The extra tossing and turning do not make it any easier for your eyes to get the rest that it needs.

If you do notice your activities becoming the cause of the puffiness, try to adjust your lifestyle to help you wake up more refreshed and less puffed up.



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