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The Best New Safety Features to Look for when Buying a Car

Posted on : July 20, 2021

When the time comes to buy a new car, it’s important to think about what kinds of features you’re looking for in your purchase. Your first thoughts on what you’re looking for might be how much legroom the car has, or how much cargo space there is. However, the safety features that the car has is a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. Every year there are more and more safety feature innovations released. Whether you’re buying a new or used car, it’s always a good idea to think about what type of safety features you want to look out for. Here are some of the newest and best safety features to know about when buying a new car.

Forward Collision Warning

This safety feature is made possible by sensors placed within the car that monitor the distance and speed between vehicles on the road. The forward collision warning system works by detecting when two cars are on a collision course. In the event that the system predicts an impending crash, it will alert the driver with sound, visual notifications, or physical sensations on the steering wheel.

Adaptive Headlights

In order to improve visibility, especially around curves, some car manufacturers have begun implementing adaptive headlights into their vehicles. Adaptive headlights work by pivoting toward the direction the car is traveling in to improve your visibility around curves. The Highway Loss Data Institute (HDLI) has studied the effectiveness of these headlights. They found that adaptive headlights reduced the frequency of property damage liability claims by 5.8%. Additionally, the frequency of collision claims decreased by 1.1%.

Backup Cameras

In day-to-day driving situations, one of the best new car safety features comes in the form of backup cameras. These are simply cameras placed on the rear of the vehicle that turn on when the driver shifts into reverse. This allows the driver to have a better view of the space behind their car as they back out. More advanced versions of backup cameras include sensors that can alert the driver of specific objects behind their car, or even automatically hit the brakes in order to prevent a collision from happening.

Lane Departure Warning

This is yet another safety feature that relies on sensors and cameras to function. Lane departure warning works by utilizing cameras that keep track of the vehicle’s position in a lane. If the vehicle begins to move outside of the lane that it is currently in without signaling, the lane departure warning system will start alerting the driver through sounds, visual cues, or vibration in the steering wheel. Some advanced versions of this feature can even access the brakes or steering functions to prevent the car from drifting into another lane. 

Blind Spot Detection

Almost every driver has dealt with the reality that many cars have blind spots that must be accounted for when driving. If a driver doesn’t pay attention to the blind spot, they could potentially miss another car or object in the space beside them. The blind-spot detection system has cameras and sensors that can detect when an object is in the car’s blind spot space. When this happens, the driver will be alerted with sounds and lights. These get louder and brighter if the driver puts on the turn signal while an object is in the blind spot in order to prevent a crash.

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