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The Craziest Laws in Florida and Georgia

Posted on : March 9, 2021

Have you heard of Georiga’s inherent risk of llama activities” statute? Or Florida’s law that says it’s illegal to skateboard without a license? All states have some uniquely weird laws that will make you laugh and wonder how they came to be. Let’s take a look at some of Florida’s and Georgia’s wackiest laws. 


  1. In the city of Cape Coral, Florida, a person can be fined $50 for keeping a couch underneath their outdoor carport.
  2.  It’s illegal for women to fall asleep under a hairdryer while at a hair salon. 
  3. If you plant a flower in a pot without a drainage hole, you have created a public nuisance.
  4. All doors to public buildings must open in the outward direction
  5. It is illegal to sing in a public place while attired in a swimsuit.
  6. A special law prohibits unmarried women from parachuting on Sunday or they shall risk arrest, fine, and/or jail.
  7. In Cape Coral, Florida, it is illegal to park your pick-up truck in front of your house or in your driveway.
  8. If you hit a pedestrian with your car in Sarasota, Florida, you only have to pay a $78 fine.
  9. It is illegal for a man to wear a strapless formal gown in public.
  10. It is illegal to break wind after 6:00 p.m.


  1. In Atlanta, it’s illegal to shout, whistle, or hoot on public streets or sidewalks at a volume that can be heard 100 or more feet away.
  2. According to a Gainesville proclamation passed in 1961 designed to promote Gainesville as a poultry center, it’s illegal to eat fried chicken with a fork.
  3.  You cannot live on a boat for more than 30 days during the calendar year, even if just passing through the state.
  4. In Athens-Clarke County, goldfish may not be given away to entice someone to enter a game of bingo.
  5. In Acworth, all citizens must own a rake.
  6. It’s illegal to wear a hood in public in Dublin, Georgia. 
  7. If the sheriff impounds a milk cow or milk goat, Georgia law requires someone at the sheriff’s office to milk the cow or goat 2 times per day.
  8. Bars are prohibited from having “ladies nights” in Columbus.  
  9. No one may carry an ice cream cone in their back pocket if it’s a Sunday
  10. While the Georgia State Assembly is in session, no member of the Assembly can receive a speeding ticket.

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