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Three Personal Items You Should Keep In Your Car

Posted on : July 31, 2018

Do you ever rush out of your house, hop into your car and think, “I can really use that right now”? Yeah, us too! We’re pretty sure we’ve all been in the position where we’ve been on our way to work or just going for a night out. And forgot to put on some deodorant or perfume/cologne. Maybe you just had lunch with your colleagues and needed a toothbrush before letting everyone know what you just ate with your dragon breath. There are several essential items we should have in our vehicles to make our days a little easier. 

Here are a few:

  1. First Aid Kit
    Though you may think you won’t use it much, a first aid kit is a smart and safe item to keep in your car. Whether you accidentally drop your kid at a public park or accidentally cut yourself while on a date with the person you had an eye for. 
  2. Chapstick
    With Florida being Florida, chapped lips will always be rising. We know, it’s uncomfortable. Because of that, you always have a chapstick in the glove compartment of your car. And a little bit of advice — if you don’t a huge glob of melted chapstick on your bottom lip, keep it out of the sun and in a cooler area of your car.
  3. Umbrella
    A number one unsaid rule in Florida is – if you don’t have an umbrella in your car, you deserve to get rained on. Whether you’re a native or new to the Sunshine State, you have no excuse as to why you don’t have an umbrella with you at all times. Everyone in the U.S. and their mothers know how bipolar Florida’s weather can be. Therefore, it’s time to get together and stay dry in the rain.

With that being said, please be prepared! You definitely don’t want to walk into work looking like a damp dog because you didn’t have an umbrella. It’s your choice, make the right one. 

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