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Tips for Runners to Avoid Accidents with Moving Vehicles

Posted on : August 28, 2017

Deadly collisions between runners are motorists occur steadily within the United States. To minimize such incidents, it is important that runners learn about common mistakes and use safety precautions while running. Because traffic laws vary across states, motorists and runners are confused about who is at fault for accidents. To remain safe while running, the following safety tips are strongly recommended for runners.

Beware of distracted drivers

Runners usually face traffic by running on the left side of the street. This enables runners, motorcyclists and drivers to see each other. Runners should wear vibrant clothing, especially at dawn or dusk to ensure visibility for drivers. Ensure drivers are not distracted by their cellphones, radios, or other car amenities.

Don’t run with noise-cancellation headphones

Although runners often prefer to run while listening to music, music may be a massive contribution to accidents. If runners are unable to hear outside noise other than music, they may miss the sound of a car driving by or the sound of a horn. If you chose to listen to music while running, ensure you are still able to hear outside noises.

Work with Motorists, Not Against Them

Runners and motorists can exist together, promoting safety for all parties involved. Encourage safety, not road rage, by being courteous and following regulations. Runners are encouraged to acknowledge drivers with a polite wave if they move over to the side of the road. This acknowledgement may make drivers feel more inclined to do the same in the future.

Carry Emergency Running Items

In the event of an emergency, some items would be helpful. Running items to carry include an I.D., water, and a cellphone. These items would be helpful in the event of an emergency, so that people would be able to identify you, and so you can use mobile GPS or call for help. 

Being aware of distracted drivers, not running with noise-cancelling headphones, and working with motorists are a few of the safety measures runners can take to avoid car incidents.

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