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Toddlers and How to Prevent Injuries in the Home

Posted on : January 31, 2018

Toddlers and how to prevent injuries in the home

Some of the most common injuries for toddlers happen in the home because there are not supervised as much when in the home. In public places, toddlers are normally supervised by a parent or guardian, but in the home, they have more freedom to walk, crawl, or run around. Some of the most common injuries for toddlers includes burns, falls, suffocation, and drowning. Some of these common injuries can be prevented by not allowing access to certain parts of the house that could be a hazard for the younger children. Buying an indoor child fence can help to secure certain areas of the house where there are stairs, doors, or rooms such as the kitchen can prevent major injuries for toddlers.

Here are some special tips to prevent injuries for toddlers:

Checking for spills:

Checking for spills and not leaving any containers with liquids around toddlers is important because a spill or leak could lead to a slip and fall injury. Slippery surfaces can lead to serious injuries.

Securing potentially dangerous areas:

The pool, stairs, kitchen, and any area with potentially dangerous objects should be a restricted area for your toddler. Toddlers are inquisitive, and it is imperative that you keep anything sharp, heavy, or hot away from younger children in your home.

Remove sharp toys or small objects:

Removing sharp toys or small objects can prevent some common injuries for your toddler. Some of the injuries include strangulation or suffocation due to attempting to swallow small objects.


Injuries are inevitable when it comes to toddlers because they are inquisitive and are at a very vulnerable stage because they are learning to walk and learning about new objects in their homes and surrounding areas. Teaching your toddler to also stay away from dangerous objects and not go into areas that can be a hazard for them is also important.


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